Monday, October 4, 2010


Yummy yummy yummy. Coming back to Canada and eating cereal, macaroni and cheese, and other such mundane items really makes me LONG for the yummy Greek food I enjoyed every day while there. And, it makes me realize that with a little bit of work, I can enjoy yummier foods (yes...I hear it's this activity they call "cooking.") I am giving it a try periodically...when I am really really in the mood...and I have to say, it's usually worth it! But, I much prefer handing someone some Euros and then being waited's quite luxurious ;)

A few things to know if you ever eat in Greece:
1) they'll always bring you bread and spreads as you'll never have to wait too long and be hungry!
2) do NOT drink the water. It really must be bottled.
3) often times, after you have paid your bill, they'll bring you another little treat - like watermelon slices or limoncello shots. It's kind of like how the Olive Garden always brings you little chocolates to say "thanks."
4) tipping only 5% is generous...oops! Guess my waiters really liked me!
5) people will often have their dogs around (you're usually eating outside), and there are also strays who will beg for food. Don't feed them unless you want to be scratched by an evil I was...
6) breakfast is HUGE. Lunch is around noon. Siesta is from 3-6. EARLY dinners start at 7...most people eat dinner at about 10 pm!

Remembering the goodies from Greece...

Okay, so these coconut M&Ms aren't Greek...they're American. But, hey! We don't have them in Canada...and I really needed a snack before my flight!

Gyros - mmmmmmm - with lots of Tzasiki...and did they actually put FRENCH FRIES inside there? Yup!
This was an individual sized "traditional" pizza. It was basically a decadent flatbread smothered in feta, tomatoes, and olive oil. No sauce. No mozza. SO RICH, I had to eat half of it later!

The Greek know how to do pasta too! Beautiful!

Coconut gelato...need I say more?

And, there it is: the best feta ever! Served with EVERY meal EVERY time, I probably ate the same amount that we go through in two months!

Coke from a GLASS bottle just tastes better.

Then I got creative and decided to have Coconut AND Pineapple gelato TOGETHER...oh yeah...

This was the BEST meal we had in Greece: started with pumpkin soup (below), main course was pork with a pureed celery sauce, and finished with a freshly baked chocolate sufflee...seriously delicious! We were sitting there eating for almost 4 hours!

An overly sweet caramel, banana, chocolate thingy...too rich for me.

Mmmmm. The FRUIT. I ate so much of this every day! Snuck apples to my room from breaky...

A more north American-like pizza...equally yummy...equally filling!

Some appetizers...fresh tomato, soft white cheeses, and bread.

The first traditional moussaka I enjoyed - like a Greek lasagna with eggplant...mmmmmm!

My very "last meal" - chicken in pasta. I ordered some feta with it...just for Greek time's sake ;)


Cate said...

Ummm...french fries in the Gyro...yummy!! When I was in Hawaii I got a double ice cream cone every day with coconut and pineapple ice cream. That caramel, babana, chocolate thingy looks SO YUMMY!!!!

Cate said...

Oops...I meant to say NOW TELL US ABOUT YOUR CLASSES!! :)

Canadian Kristin said...

Oh yum.
So yum.

And I can just imagine all 40 or so women at the table pulling out there big DSLRs and snapping shots of each course as it was served! Hilarious and fun and ... yummmmm!

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