Monday, August 30, 2010

Biggest Canvas YET!

Very excited to finally have this one on the wall! It's been a long time in my mind, and now it's finally a reality :)

The damask was actually a "mistake..." What happened was this: I ordered some damask, because I wanted to put strips of it (vertically) on the cupboards of our wardrobe. But, then it was going to be way too expensive to do that, and we weren't bringing our wardrobe to Ontario anyway. AND, when the one strip of damask came that I did order, it was mistakingly horizontally aligned instead. So...instead of ordering another strip, I decided to get creative...

The Prayer of St Francis of Assisi (see words here: ) has always been one of my favorites! And, thanks to Heidi at, we were able to come up with this great formatting for the vinyl lettering.

I painted the canvas a variety of robins-egg blue colors, and brought in the greener color of our couch. Then, I applied the vinyls (such high quality!), and WILL seal it with modge-podge (but for now, there is ONE letter missing! oops!)

Thanks for looking - we finally feel like we have a complete living room now!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Anniversary Pictures

Last night we celebrated our 6th anniversary! I LOVE YOU BABE! THANKS FOR 6 WONDERFUL YEARS!

- Thanks also for the fun photo shoot. I was really impressed with DAVID's shots here! He did such a good job!
- Thank you also to KATY my dear cousin, for dying my hair today! I know it took FOREVER, so thank you for your patience and making the highlights look better than professional!
- Thank you, lastly, to my dear sister KRYSTAL, who made me buy this dress when we were shopping...even though I didn't need it! Turned out I had a very good occasion to wear it :)

I haven't loved very many pictures of me lately, so these are a treasure. I am excited to use them in scrapbooking pages that journal about my feelings and experiences, verses specific events that I scrap about...

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