Thursday, September 30, 2010

And on to Mykonos...

*EXHALE* That's what I did when I finally arrived on the Island.


It was so nice to be surrounded by such incredible beauty every day! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (with a little explanation, of course...)

Learned this cool technique from Karen Russell on how to capture the sun's it!

The view of Mykonos from our hotel.

The view FROM OUR CLASSROOM! How cool is that?!

They call this area of town "Little Italy." So cute!

The infamous WINDMILLS.

Seriously amazing sunsets - it's like God was painting just for us every night!

The view to the right of the hotel.

More to come...


Cate said...

I love those windmills! It must have been so cheerful to be surrounded by white buildings everywhere you went. Gorgeous!!

lyssa said...

Amazing!! So wish I was able to be there!

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