Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did she copy me?

SOOOOO FUNNY!  I absolutely LOVE Ali Edwards...I can often be caught flipping through her books (I own them all - some of them are SIGNED!) and scrap-lifting her ideas.  But, this is one time that I think she copied ME ;)
On her blog she just put her ideas regarding purging her supplies, getting organized, and shedding the like my last blog entry!  Except...well, SHE says it much better :)  Click on the link to your right to check it out - and be inspired by her sophisticated explanation of what I was trying to say.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Organizing Tips

I love to organize; most of you know that. But, sometimes I get really overwhelmed. I've been organizing my scrappin' room all day today and last night (workin' away for about 10 hours so far...) The room is still a very big mess. However, I am not quitting! I refuse to do what I usually do: pile everything up and just throw it in a drawer. I won't do it! I want everything thoroughly clean from the inside out.

Thought I would share with you some of my organizing tips that have helped me through this project:

1) Use a scrapbook to store your extra page protectors. I use all different sizes of pages (from 6X6 to 12X12) and now all my extra page protectors are nicely in an album, with dividers marking the different sizes, on my shelf. LOVELY!

2) I have embraced the idea of "hybrid" scrapbooking. My albums are full of all different sizes of pages. AND, I've recently added pocket slip covers (ie. a plastic page protector that holds plain old 4X6 photos) in a variety of arrangements. That way, I don't have to store my extra photos in a seperate box and flip through them. All my pictures, whether scrapbooked or not are in the appropriate album. Another great thing about this is that if I want to go back and use the pictures for a mini album project, there are extra prints right there ready to play with! I love these page protectors from We Are Memory Keepers:

2) If you're like me, you have random piles of extra photos laying around. I have a very intimidating heap of photos from the last 6 years - it has made me feel so overwhelmed! Instead of spending hours trying to figure out which photos go where, I've decided that I will worry about this later. I ride the ferry a LOT, especially during the summer, which gives me hours of downtime with nothin' to do. So, I have put these extra photos in a pocket, stuck the pocket in a random album, grabbed some of my page protectors, and put the whole thing in a bag. Now, my bag is ready to grab n' go for my ferry rides, and I will be able to slip my many extra 4X6 photos into pocket page protectors! I can put the ones from the appropriate year into the appropriate album AS I GO.

3) Don't be afraid to throw things away! I have three massive bags of goodies that I will be selling at a garage sale in a couple weeks. One scrapper's trash is another's treasure! I also haven't been afraid to throw away extra photos that I know for sure I will never use. Overall, there's been a lot of recycling boxes filling up around here...makes me feel so free :)

4) Allow yourself a spot for projects in process. I keep mine organized (yes, I have a number of projects on the go) using large plastic bags or empty Making Memories Foam Stamp cases. Then, I have a nice basket that hides on my shelf and houses all these projects. *ahhh exhale*

Let me know your favorite organizing tips :) I'd love to learn how I can keep this under control!!!

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