Monday, October 26, 2009

More Than a TRIP TO GREECE!!!!

HOW CAN A GIRL SLEEP RIGHT NOW?! I just registered for the Mykonos Greece trip through YES!!! I am going to Greece in 2010 (provided nothing CRAZY happens in the next year...)

This trip is sooooooooooo much more than just a trip to me. Besides getting to spend a whole week with Jenni, Ali, and Karen, taking a bazillion photos on a gorgeous island, and resting in the sunshine in late September...THIS TRIP IS ABOUT SAVING MONEY AND CHANGING MY SPENDING HABITS.

See, in order to afford something this expensive (yeah...that cost does NOT cover airfare), I am going to need to drastically change my spending habits for a whole year. But, what's really funny is this: if I just stop buying scrapbooking stuff (not clothes, not pretty things for my house, not even Starbucks), I WILL EASILY AFFORD THIS TRIP.

I know. It's scary. Do I REALLY spend THOUSANDS of dollars a year on stickers and paper?? YES. I do.

My name is Erika. And I am a scrapa-spend-aholic. Yes, I buy too much scrapbooking stuff.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love my paper just like the next gal! And, I even enjoy just LOOKING AT IT. Sometimes I gaze and smile at all the gorgeous colors and textures. That's the joy of what we do as scrappers! But, this is a time for CHANGE. It's a time in my life when I am ready to use what I have! To be creative in the way I use my things. To find other ways to use my time INSTEAD of SHOPPING.

It's true. Shopping is also a hobby of mine. But, it's one that's going to STOP right here. Right NOW. My blog will now become a place where I share with you my tips and tricks and joys and difficulties of breaking my shopoholism. YES. I am going to sober up!

So far, I haven't purchased anything this last week - no clothes, no scrappin stuff. Well, I did by a new hairbrush. But, David said that was okay. And, you know what?! I FEEL GREAT! I feel so liberated by not allowing consumerist romance to lure me! I feel FREE!

We'll see how long this lasts...

I will let you know.

Why I Don't Apply

For those of you who haven't visited the Inspired Scrapper blog lately, fyi they are calling for new design team members.

Now, I would LOVE to apply to this! I think it would be SO SUPER COOL if they accepted me...except for one problem: MY STUPID COMPUTER.

I just spent a whole hour scanning, stitching, and uploading scrapbooking layouts for you to view. Then, I sat their for another 10 minutes waiting for my jpg's to upload for this blog. you see any layouts?


That's because it didn't work. My computer is so frusterating and slow and old that I can't even upload things for you to see. It is the frustration of electronics that keeps me from applying to design teams. I am soooooooooo behind the times! SERIOUSLY! And this is ALSO why I am not on Facebook! I sit in front of a computer screen for most of my day...why come home and torture myself like this!? WHY!?

I am going to go jump on my trampoline now *scowl*

And, David...if you read know what I want for Christmas...
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