Monday, January 2, 2012

Paper Heart Banner Tutorial

I've never given a tutorial before on my least not that I can remember. So, here's a fun little project to use up those piles of beautiful scrappin paper and make something fun for Valentine's Day!

1) Cut a 12X12" scrapbooking paper into 1" strips. Each piece of paper will make two hearts.

2) Then, cut four of each size: 12", 10", and 8" strips. Set aside the four 4" strips that came from the 8" cutting.

3) Use double sided tape to make the 4" strips the same pattern on each side. This will be the tab that the heart will hang from at the top.

4) Take two piles of the 12"-10"-8" strips and put them face to face; staple them at the bottom.

5) Fold the top of the strips over into the little tab - I found my stapler wasn't strong enough to staple through all this, so I used my crop-o-dile and a brad.

6) TA-DA! Now, just poke holes at the top and thread them through to make a pretty banner!


Cate said...

Cute! Are you going to have these hanging all over your house this Valentine's day? :)

lyssa said...

Lovely! Did you come up with that yourself?

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