Friday, October 22, 2010

I DO scrapbook, ya know!

So, you probably can't tell it from this blog...but I DO love to scrapbook! And, I DO do a lot of it! I just, for some strange reason, don't post my layouts very often :( I think it's because my scanner broke, and I don't like the look of photographed layouts nearly as much as scanned ones...oh, well, I need to show you SOMEthing!

Hope these recent ones will inspire you :) TFL!

I used a very old transparency that was in my scraps to layer this one - I thought the vintage clock was really applicable to Grandma's disease.

I added a little bling - because everything needs some bling!

This one is a bit sad: it's about our Grandma's Alzhiemer's disease...but it was important for me to write about this. I needed to record this - it's a big part of our lives!

Close up of "Their own Road" layout...such a quick 8.5X11 page. The patterned paper was super easy to pick...obviously :) I kept this one really simple.

This one was quick to get laid out, then I spent time on the details. I hand placed every little pearl (I LOVE THE STAMPIN UP PEARLS BY THE WAY - they are super easy to use!) around each circle...but I love how it turned out. The red quote is from an old calendar (that I bought just to use in scrapbooking...hahahaha!)

My Jolie girl! Isn't she silly?! These papers were from a little "pet stack" that I got at Winners for super cheap...I was going to use them in a mini book...but they worked well here too :) Love the freedom of being able to use tons of different colors.

This one is a little 6X6 - I love using different sizes of pages. It really let's me stay out of a RUT and just keep going with scrappin! I find I get so much more done when I am FREE to do what feels right. And, yes, I am holding a rifle in this picture. And, yes...I USED the rifle.

This 2-pager has FOURTY-FIVE pictures on it! Yay for square punches! I printed WAY too many pictures from our weekend this summer at the cottage and had to make some choices...this was a really fun (albeit busy) way to capture lots of memories all at once.

Using a neutral background, only a few small embellishments, and wrap-around journalling helped to hold it all together, I think.

Just a few stickers to "anchor" what was a floating photo...

This new line of My Mind's Eye paper doesn't need a lot of sprucing up - it's so fun and glittery all on its own! I love love love it.

With a big 8X12 photo, this layout was pretty quick and simple too. Thanks to ??? someone who said I look really "confident" in this photo...that was my inspiration!

Once again TFL!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Imperfect Family!

Aren't family photos the funniest thing? I mean, we always try to get this "perfect" shot...especially for our Christmas cards. Last year, it was fairly easy to get a pretty good one: set up a tripod, the adorable little puppy will just sit there still and stare at the interesting tripod calmly while wearing a cute hat...simple, right?

Not this year! I was trying to get a good angle on my prego belly, which was difficult. We also had Jolie in the park with us...where there are dozens of other distractions like other dogs and squirrels. Here's a series of shots (unfortunately, they're BACKWARDS - watch them from bottom up!), where she just decided that she would walk out on the picture...hilarious! Thanks for capturing these candid moments, Brian and Alyssa!!!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Things I learned...

(Please note: this is a very opinionated blog post. I hopefully won't offend read at your own risk.)

When we decided to have a baby, we had no idea that it would take a VERY long time to conceive. We're thankful for God's perfect timing...but lemme tell ya, it wasn't OUR timing! Along our journey, from "off the pill" (oh, yeah, I have a picture of that!) to "we're pregnant!" I learned a few things that I thought I would share...

1) NEVER NEVER NEVER ask if a woman is pregnant. I don't care if she looks like she's going to burst tomorrow. This is ALWAYS a NO NO. Not only did I feel terribly FAT if someone asked me that question before I was pregnant, but when we were hoping to conceive, it also reminded me of something painful and difficult in my life. A BIG NO NO.

2) Be sensitive of the fact that people around you may be trying to conceive. It's not something I thought of before it happened to me, I will admit. I would freely ask couples, "When are you planning on having a baby?" and other such questions. But, we just DON'T KNOW someone else's story, so be thoughtful about your questions and comments.

3) PEOPLE don't make babies. GOD makes babies.

4) After watching dozens (hundreds, it seemed!) friends and family members get pregnant and have their babies over the course of our long journey, I worried that when it was finally "our turn" that it wouldn't feel special. I mean, I am used to being the FIRST at everything (David and I are both the oldest). I reminded myself that I was never going to be the first to have a baby - lol! But, I was still worried it wouldn't be nearly as wonderful after watching so many other people go through it...would it be mundane? NOPE. It still feels SO VERY SPECIAL! Thank goodness!

5) I will admit that at the beginning of this whole thing, I wanted a girl (born in the spring, please). And, I wanted a house with a white wrap-around porch and a perfect little baby nursery. After so long...I LET IT ALL GO. I honestly don't care about the gender...I just want a healthy baby! And, we're in a little no nursery for baby...just a little nook in our bedroom. But, ya know, it's just fine. I was thankful for this season, as a lot of my control issues just diminished...and it's all working out just fine!

Thanks for listening to my tid-bits :)

And...a few fun photos from yesterdays Autumn walk in the park!

I love my puppy! Jolie is going to be such a good big sister ;)


Friday, October 8, 2010


I won't even make you guess: WE'RE PREGNANT!

Yes, you probably guessed ;)

We're SO VERY BLESSED AND HAPPY AND ELATED AND OVER-THE-MOON! We couldn't thank God enough for entrusting us with one of His little precious people :)

Quick updates, then the story:
- We're due April 5, 2011
- We'll find out the gender in November, hopefully!
- I'm 14 weeks along
- I've been feeling GREAT; not a lot of sickness or any major problems. It's been smooth!

And...the night we discovered the BABY! (Written to Baby)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 was a stormy evening here in London. That day, I counted on my calendar, because I realized I was pretty late with my period, and it turns out that I was on day #35! I asked if David would be willing to go to the drug store to get a pregnancy test. I was a little worried, because we had taken pregnancy tests before, and it was really disappointing every time they were negative. Earlier in the week, I had a very discouraging day where I gained weight during my first try of Weight Watchers, and I also didn’t get a job that I was really hoping for. I wasn’t sure I could handle anymore bad news.

When David brought home the purple pregnancy test, I took it and we watched the lines darken. At first I saw only one line (which would indicate negative) and I said, “See? It’s negative.” But, then optimistic David said, “No! No! Look! The other line is darkening too!” And, then we cried because we were so happy! We took lots of pictures and hugged and thanked God for giving us a baby.

Then David wanted to sit out on the balcony and watch the lighting storm. While we were relaxing, we talked about how we felt and how excited we were. When I asked David how he was feeling, he replied, “I feel so…so…powerful. I mean, I can inseminate people!” It was hilarious, and I won’t let him live that one down!

We started skyping and calling our families! The first person available was my sister. When I told her over skype, she just sat there shocked. She kept saying, “I am freaking out!” Then, Eric came home and he congratulated us too. He said, “Oh, finally Krystal will be able to buy you all the baby stuff she wants!” I know Krystal will be the best auntie ever!

When we skyped my mom, she was so emotional. She covered her face and was crying! She kept saying, “Are you serious???” I kept assuring her that I wouldn’t lie about something like this! She was so very happy for us.

It was really hard to sleep for the next few nights. I kept thinking about you and the fact that you’re growing inside of me. Daddy and I pray for you every day – that you’ll grow and be healthy and strong. We love you!

Yes, we have kept our pee other people do this too?!

David is pretending like he's peeing on the stick...such a DAD thing to do - lol!

The verdict is in: IT'S POSITIVE!!!!! YAY!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Yummy yummy yummy. Coming back to Canada and eating cereal, macaroni and cheese, and other such mundane items really makes me LONG for the yummy Greek food I enjoyed every day while there. And, it makes me realize that with a little bit of work, I can enjoy yummier foods (yes...I hear it's this activity they call "cooking.") I am giving it a try periodically...when I am really really in the mood...and I have to say, it's usually worth it! But, I much prefer handing someone some Euros and then being waited's quite luxurious ;)

A few things to know if you ever eat in Greece:
1) they'll always bring you bread and spreads as you'll never have to wait too long and be hungry!
2) do NOT drink the water. It really must be bottled.
3) often times, after you have paid your bill, they'll bring you another little treat - like watermelon slices or limoncello shots. It's kind of like how the Olive Garden always brings you little chocolates to say "thanks."
4) tipping only 5% is generous...oops! Guess my waiters really liked me!
5) people will often have their dogs around (you're usually eating outside), and there are also strays who will beg for food. Don't feed them unless you want to be scratched by an evil I was...
6) breakfast is HUGE. Lunch is around noon. Siesta is from 3-6. EARLY dinners start at 7...most people eat dinner at about 10 pm!

Remembering the goodies from Greece...

Okay, so these coconut M&Ms aren't Greek...they're American. But, hey! We don't have them in Canada...and I really needed a snack before my flight!

Gyros - mmmmmmm - with lots of Tzasiki...and did they actually put FRENCH FRIES inside there? Yup!
This was an individual sized "traditional" pizza. It was basically a decadent flatbread smothered in feta, tomatoes, and olive oil. No sauce. No mozza. SO RICH, I had to eat half of it later!

The Greek know how to do pasta too! Beautiful!

Coconut gelato...need I say more?

And, there it is: the best feta ever! Served with EVERY meal EVERY time, I probably ate the same amount that we go through in two months!

Coke from a GLASS bottle just tastes better.

Then I got creative and decided to have Coconut AND Pineapple gelato TOGETHER...oh yeah...

This was the BEST meal we had in Greece: started with pumpkin soup (below), main course was pork with a pureed celery sauce, and finished with a freshly baked chocolate sufflee...seriously delicious! We were sitting there eating for almost 4 hours!

An overly sweet caramel, banana, chocolate thingy...too rich for me.

Mmmmm. The FRUIT. I ate so much of this every day! Snuck apples to my room from breaky...

A more north American-like pizza...equally yummy...equally filling!

Some appetizers...fresh tomato, soft white cheeses, and bread.

The first traditional moussaka I enjoyed - like a Greek lasagna with eggplant...mmmmmm!

My very "last meal" - chicken in pasta. I ordered some feta with it...just for Greek time's sake ;)
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