Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heart Tree Branches Tutorial

This was NOT ENTIRELY my idea...the inspiration for my heart tree came from here:

She did a similar project with leaves instead of hearts (which she HAND CUT...seriously!? Use a punch!!! Save your sanity!!!) And, she did lots of multicolours, but I obviously stuck with reds and pinks. I would like to do her paper tree with leaves in say all TEALS for our downstairs basement area or something...I think that would be super cool! Or all YELLOWS for our guesroom....yeah ;)

What's fun about this project is that it actually only took me a few hours, I did it while I was on the phone (thanks for the chat, Kat!), and it's something I can KEEP AND STORE for years to come. I don't have to just throw it away - I can reuse it over and over every year!

What I also love about this project is that IT WAS COMPLETELY FREE (for me). I already had EVERYTHING laying around for this project - it's made entirely of scraps from my scrap bin!!!! I didn't cut into ONE NEW piece of paper. The branches are from the woods across the street. The wire has been laying around my stash for years. The tools were in our tool box. It was all there!

Here's what you'll need for this project:
- heart punch
- patterned papers (or solids for that matter!)
- double sided tape or other adhesive
- wire cutter
- 26 gauge (or so) wire
- branches
- vase
- ribbon for finishing the vase to make it look pretty ;)

Step 1: Punch out a MAZILLION hearts out of pink and red papers. Or, you could do another shape, like leaves or circles. You can also skip this step (and step 2) if you want by cheating and buying FELT HEART STICKERS at the dollar store (yes, these were only a dollar for about 50 hearts)! I added these to my tree too, just because I could ;)

Step 2: Use double sided tape ON BOTH HEARTS that will be taped back to back with a wire in the middle.

This is the result of Step 2: a pile of hearts on wires...

Step 4: Start wrapping! Use the wire to attach the hearts all over the branches. Put them all in a pretty vase and call it a day :)


Friday, January 13, 2012

Living Room and Kitchen - where we're at today

Not everything is finished. It's hard for me to photograph rooms and post them when EVER.Y.THING. isn't done...but oh, well! I'm learning that that's life, and it's important sometimes just to share where we're at today.

So, here's what our living room and kitchen look like TODAY.

Kitchen First...
What we did:
- used "smart tiles" to change the backsplash from country wheat to modern grey...super easy and fast stick-ons!
- painted the top of the kitchen black (it was a country blue...and the previous owners actually had it looking super cute, but country just isn't my thing)
- upgraded the faucet
- added drawers inside some of the cabinets instead of just shelves

What we still want to do:
- get a black fabric with jewels chandelier for over the island (you know the one I have in my head, right?!)
- maybe a few black bar stools





Living Room next...

What we did:
- custom built in cabinets over the shelving along each side of the fireplace
- custom built in mirror with frame over mantel
- painted entire focal wall and mantel etc

What we still want to do:
- DECORATE that HUGE mantel! I'm thinking topiaries...I love topiaries :)
- better curtains?!
- art above the couch!!! or a clock?!




Thursday, January 12, 2012

Master Bedroom - before and after

Finally! Some pictures of our house! Thank you mom and Misty for coming for a visit, so we finally got our place looking decent ;) lol

Our Master Bedroom is one of the most complete and finished rooms in the whole house. Really, all I want to add is some art above the bed and a nice new laundry hamper...then it's all done!

I knew that grey was the perfect neutral for our walls, but wanted one warm that would still look good with lavender/pewter accents. We've always loved purple and silver (see: Wedding Day!) so it was fun to try this combo again in a much more modern updated look. I was totally inspired by pinterest, of course! Check out my page if you're interested :)

So, now for the magic:







So...What all did we do??

- Textured paintable wallpaper from Home Depot (Canadian Tire also sells a beautiful damask print by Debbie Travis; ours is Martha Stewart)
- Crown moulding! Thanks Tim and Jo!
- Paint colour is "Stone" by Benjamin Moore

Curious about where we got what??

- Ottoman: Home Outfitters
- Bedspread: (100% cotton!) Kohl's
- Nightstands: Ikea (David was very opposed to these)
- Curtains: Target (black), Urban Barn (sheer stripes)
- Wardrobe: Ikea (David was not as opposed to this)
- Mirrors: Ikea
- Lamps: Homegoods (like Homesense but in the US)
- Chandelier: Home Depot
- Headboard: Homemade!!! (wouldn't recommend this, however...the project took days and about $200...why not just buy one and save the work?? next time...)

That's it for now! Thanks for looking!!!! Sorry it took me so long...more rooms to come :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Paper Heart Banner Tutorial

I've never given a tutorial before on my least not that I can remember. So, here's a fun little project to use up those piles of beautiful scrappin paper and make something fun for Valentine's Day!

1) Cut a 12X12" scrapbooking paper into 1" strips. Each piece of paper will make two hearts.

2) Then, cut four of each size: 12", 10", and 8" strips. Set aside the four 4" strips that came from the 8" cutting.

3) Use double sided tape to make the 4" strips the same pattern on each side. This will be the tab that the heart will hang from at the top.

4) Take two piles of the 12"-10"-8" strips and put them face to face; staple them at the bottom.

5) Fold the top of the strips over into the little tab - I found my stapler wasn't strong enough to staple through all this, so I used my crop-o-dile and a brad.

6) TA-DA! Now, just poke holes at the top and thread them through to make a pretty banner!

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