Friday, October 8, 2010


I won't even make you guess: WE'RE PREGNANT!

Yes, you probably guessed ;)

We're SO VERY BLESSED AND HAPPY AND ELATED AND OVER-THE-MOON! We couldn't thank God enough for entrusting us with one of His little precious people :)

Quick updates, then the story:
- We're due April 5, 2011
- We'll find out the gender in November, hopefully!
- I'm 14 weeks along
- I've been feeling GREAT; not a lot of sickness or any major problems. It's been smooth!

And...the night we discovered the BABY! (Written to Baby)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 was a stormy evening here in London. That day, I counted on my calendar, because I realized I was pretty late with my period, and it turns out that I was on day #35! I asked if David would be willing to go to the drug store to get a pregnancy test. I was a little worried, because we had taken pregnancy tests before, and it was really disappointing every time they were negative. Earlier in the week, I had a very discouraging day where I gained weight during my first try of Weight Watchers, and I also didn’t get a job that I was really hoping for. I wasn’t sure I could handle anymore bad news.

When David brought home the purple pregnancy test, I took it and we watched the lines darken. At first I saw only one line (which would indicate negative) and I said, “See? It’s negative.” But, then optimistic David said, “No! No! Look! The other line is darkening too!” And, then we cried because we were so happy! We took lots of pictures and hugged and thanked God for giving us a baby.

Then David wanted to sit out on the balcony and watch the lighting storm. While we were relaxing, we talked about how we felt and how excited we were. When I asked David how he was feeling, he replied, “I feel so…so…powerful. I mean, I can inseminate people!” It was hilarious, and I won’t let him live that one down!

We started skyping and calling our families! The first person available was my sister. When I told her over skype, she just sat there shocked. She kept saying, “I am freaking out!” Then, Eric came home and he congratulated us too. He said, “Oh, finally Krystal will be able to buy you all the baby stuff she wants!” I know Krystal will be the best auntie ever!

When we skyped my mom, she was so emotional. She covered her face and was crying! She kept saying, “Are you serious???” I kept assuring her that I wouldn’t lie about something like this! She was so very happy for us.

It was really hard to sleep for the next few nights. I kept thinking about you and the fact that you’re growing inside of me. Daddy and I pray for you every day – that you’ll grow and be healthy and strong. We love you!

Yes, we have kept our pee other people do this too?!

David is pretending like he's peeing on the stick...such a DAD thing to do - lol!

The verdict is in: IT'S POSITIVE!!!!! YAY!


JennD said...

Congratulations! Such happy news. You are going to make a great momma.

e.mel said...

Awwwww, you're so sweet Jenn :) I just passed on your blog info to a friend of mine who LOVES to bake cakes - I figure she'll be quite inspired! I was DROOLING looking at them today ;) How's your baby girl?

Canadian Kristin said...

Keep the photo, toss the pee stick...I'm guessing it's not acid/lignen free for scrapbooking purposes! LOL

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! You know how thrilled we are for you guys!!!!!

Cate said...

I'm so super excited for you guys!! I can hardly wait for November to find out what the little thing is. :)

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