Monday, January 31, 2011

Sister Visits the BUMP

A few weeks ago I got to spend a whole 10 DAYS with my sister Krystal...we met in Surrey BC to enjoy a number of post-Christmas activities together. Words really can't express how excited she is to become an AUNTIE! This was the only chance she had to see my belly bump, and we savoured our time together.

Auntie Krystal, thank you for taking the pics of me and David...and thanks for letting David take pics of US!

I HEART you!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pictures by David

My handsome hubby just keeps getting more and more talented with the camera! Here are the latest of my belly bump :)

And a few notes about being 30 weeks pregnant (today!):

- I have officially moved from the "I am so happy to be pregnant" stage to "I am SO EXCITED to meet my baby!" stage
- This belly is seriously heavy to lug around...I can't believe how much slower I am!
- We can see Evalie Rose kicking from the outside now...Just this morning while I was getting ready in the mirror I saw her kick and it fluttered my shirt :)
- The to-do lists are HUGE. Hoping this helps the long long long-ness of the third trimester feel quicker!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


"Around the fifth month of pregnancy, the 'nesting' instinct can set in. This is an uncontrollable urge to clean one's house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the new baby, to tie up loose ends of old projects and to organize your world."
Pregnancy Weekly

Hmmmm....So it would seem that this what I have been up to lately! The urge is overwhelming and energizing.

I have to say, though, that I LOVE NESTING! I love folding and putting away all her fresh clean little pink outfits. I love brainstorming and beginning her scrapbooking albums and announcement cards. I love having a closet with everything neatly stacked and organized by color. I love waking up to a house that doesn't appear messy, even when you look inside the closets (not all of them yet!) I love being motivated to get things checked off my list that have been haunting me for months (or even YEARS!)

The man who puts together all the big stuff, and keeps the garbage/recycling empty as I purge, sort, CLEAN! And, he doesn't question my crazy nesting behaviours...

YAY! We FINALLY have a carseat and we can officially bring baby home when she's born!

Everything labeled and in its place. Empty prepped scrapbooks ready for pregnancy photo shoots and Evalie's first albums!

Daddy's diaper bag is all ready to go. Meanwhile, Mommy needs to save her money for the Coach baby bag that she really wants...oh, to have such expensive taste!

Prepping my mind for early parenthood. And, leaving pacifiers/baby toys around the house to train Jolie not to eat them!


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