Friday, July 13, 2012

Be Our Guest!

Having a guest room is SUPER important to me, which is why I thought this space would be the perfect one to splash with the bright yellow and grey trendy colour scheme.  

I made the pom poms with black and white damask tissue papers from walmart.  I thought they would tie together with the damask lamp in the corner and add a touch of similarity to the rest of the house.   The guest bed from Ikea pulls out to become a king sized luxury!  The drawers underneath house sheets, pillows, and this bed so much!

The walls are WAY brighter, though, than I had wanted.  I really SHOULD have gone with "dijon" by Benjamin Moore - a colour that, on the chip, looks like a neutral but really turns out to be a beautiful yellow.  Instead, I chose this yellow that perfectly matched the pillow fabrics I had chosen and it turned out to look a LOT like a school bus to me.  Nonetheless, I've tried to embrace it and tone it down with lots of greys, blacks, and whites...  I think the overall effect is still okay :)

These three suitcases are SO SPECIAL to me.  They are actual vintage suitcases from our grandma and grandpa.  I LOVE THEM and will treasure them so much!  They make the PERFECT grey end table :)

I painted this canvas and then had it custom framed.  Turns out the canvas I painted on was not perfectly square (can you tell!?  yup!) so they had to restretch it :(  What a money sucker!

A little framed art - something I whipped together on the computer...printed on patterned paper.

Our guest book...more on that later!

The pillows are all ones that I sewed removable washable covers for.  This project really was super easy, even for someone like me who's terrible at sewing!  I love love love the fabrics!  

 Thanks for looking :)  Come be our guest anytime!


Cate said...

Beautiful! I didn't think that it was too yellow. I think it's bright and cheery and lovely. Now that you have a guest book I think I might have to come back and stay again. :)

Kristin said...

I love the yellow, love the canvas, and those suitcases really are perfect! Such a warm and wonderful room, your guests will never leave! :-) Maybe that's the plan?!?!

You should be an interior decorator.

October Beauty said...

Almost too much to comment on, here goes. I appreciate the way the B&W Damask adds a touch of similarity to the rest of the house almost as much as I love the wording you use to describe it. (Are you secretly a writer?) The hand painted canvas is brighter then the walls making them tone down. Saying on the "Skies are Grey"framed art-almost TOO clever! Grey suitcase could not be more perfect-enough said. And most impressive-having Evalies' outfit match the room.
Did you plan that? Always loving U.

Joanne said...

Love seeing Evalie "dancing" in that one picture.

christianna rachael marie johns said...

Oh my goodness. What a beautiful room! I need to come visit and stay here! LOL! Can you please come down to Oregon and make my house look as amazing as yours? I tell ya, you have the artistic eye...I definitely do NOT! :) Great job!

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