Friday, August 8, 2008

08-08-08 Resolutions

Today is a very special day: cool is that?! It's a day close to the middle of the year; a good time, I thought, to review a few scrapbooking and art projects I'd like to accomplish before 2009 comes around:

- do Crystal & Peter's wedding album
- complete Krystal & Eric's wedding album (for myself)
- scan and print David's life story pictures (in a paper bag - completely disorganized!)
- Maui BIG album
- get my Stampin' Up! business items all organized and up to date (excel anyone?)
- paint gift 3 of 3 for Krystal & Eric's bedroom

Although some people (David!) dislike resolutions, I enjoy them. They help put me on track, review what's important to me, discover my values. I notice that many of the projects on my list are for other people, which can be a big motivator. When I get the privilege of watching others' faces light up with joy as I give them a handmade gift, the rewards for me are so great it seems unfair. What are your resolutions before the big oh-nine hits?

Slowly but surely, I'm chipping away at my list - tonight's another crop at Memory Lane with the gals! Maui album here I come!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I always get excited for the new Stampin Up! catalogue EVERY time...and EVERY time I have sooooooooooo many great reasons to be excited! Today not ONLY was my anniversary, but my new Stampin' Up! catalogues came in the mail!!!! WOO HOO!!! Here are some sneak peaks of the next things I am going to buy - YAY! Oh, and don't forget to visit my new SU website: and come to my PARTY to see the new catty IRL on Friday the 15th...oh, I am soooooooooooo excited. Yeah, I mean, my heart is racing! There are many gorgeous new stamp sets - lots that are great for home decor too (which is becoming another fun hobby of mine!) AND, best thing yet: the prices have dropped again compared with the last catty - super great!

4 years...

Picture of US on the highest point (10,000 ft) on Maui Island...just like our love is the highest point it's been yet...Happy Anniversary Babe! 4 years of happiness, laughter, growth, joy, and love - Yours always...

Maui Mini

Made this mini album (12X6) before we left for Maui. I thought I would try putting pics and little souveniers in it as we travelled...YEAH RIGHT! But, I was able to quickly stick pictures and embellishments in when we got back so that I have something to show everyone when they say they want to see Maui pictures! So, here's the whole album...all out of order, but you'll get the drift!

I used a combo of chipboard, acrylic, lace paper (ki memories), and patterned paper (american crafts). I painted the chipboard using heidi swapp masks and colors to go with the pp. The "notes from today" stamp was a gift from none other than Ali Edwards (THANKS ALI!). I kept the rest of it simple - just hs chipboard letters and a little paint around the edges to make the acrylic stick out (thanks for that idea, Cate!!!) I had it more complicated in the beginning, with pockets and envelopes and TOO MUCH. There's a quote (which I cannot find right now) that says something like: "Real art is not so much in knowing what to add, but in what to take away." Something like that...

The M-A-U-I is meant to connect the whole album: M is for Memories, A is for Aloha, U is for Utopia, and I is for Island...Memories of Aloha and Utopia on an Island - YUP! That's Maui!

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