Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stampin' Storage

The debate has been going on for ages: are rubber or acrylic stamps better?? Stampin' Up, the company I demonstrate for, has solely been rubber-on-wood for all it's years of business. But, acrylic does offer the benefit of being stored FLAT, as it doesn't require a wooden block. The downside to acrylic is that often times, the images aren't as crisp or detailed, and the acrylic can yellow over time.

Stampin' Up has finally found a solution! They're offering their new stamp sets in a rubber-on-acrylic blocks option! YAY!!!! That means that all our wonderful Stampin Up images can be stored in their lovely DVD-sized cases.

So...I am doing a HUGE re-org of ALL MY STAMPS! My friends, Tammy & Janet, are die-hard acrylic stamp fans. They decided to separate ALL of their hundreds of stamps by CATEGORY and store them. They separated all of their sets and stored them so that they can find them and use them in fast, creative ways.

Over the last few days, I've been contemplating separating all of my stamps into categories. It's been a difficult decision, but I think in the end (Tammy really convinced me of this), having them organized by category will help me use my stamps in a more innovative way. Instead of always reaching for a set, and being limited by what that specific set inspires me to create, I will be using my stamps all equally. In other words, whether it's a cheap stamp or a "special" expensive stamp, I will use the images for whatever need comes in my creative endeavors.

The choice to re-organize my stamps is just one of the steps necessary in the complete process. Here are the steps:

1) Make a decision and categorize all the stamps
2) Peel all rubber/wood stamps off by putting them in the microwave for a few seconds, then peeling off the stamp image
3) Mount the peeled rubber stamps on EZ Mount ( and then cut out all the images (this could take a LONG LONG TIME!)
4) Buy new cases from Stampin Up and label all the cases (I have created a word document that beautifully fits, after some trimming, into the cases, showing the categories of the images inside. Let me know if you want a copy and I will email it to you!)
5) Put all the stamps away and admire the beautiful collection!

Yes. This is a HUGE project. It will probably take me months. But, I will definitely share with you pictures of the finished product - which will save me MOUNDS of space!!!!

A little side note: this is SO LIKE ME...obsessively creating a big organizing project like this in JANUARY! LOL! save you some work, I will share with you my categories and sub-categories for organizing. Hopefully, taking the few minutes to type this up will help SOMEone out there save some time!!!!

Each case has a title and a color. The color is the category, and the title is the specific sub category (what's inside the case). So, here's my list:

PURPLE (SHAPES, PRETTY STUFF, BACKGROUNDS, BORDERS): Circle Images, Houses/Buildings, Borders, Flourishes, Fleur de Lis/Medallions, Stars, Hearts, Backgrounds, Feminine (shoes, purses, etc)

GREEN (NATURE, TRAVEL): Flowers (outline), Flowers (silhouette), Foliage (trees, grass, etc), Beach/Ocean, Animals, Travel/Explore

PINK (WORDS, OFFICE): Office Style, Quotes, Words (small, not otherwise specified), Words (big, NOS), Words (circle, all), Journaling Blocks

YELLOW (CELEBRATIONS, SENTIMENTS): Birthday words, Birthday images, Cakes/cupcakes, baby/pregnancy, christian, for you/enjoy, friends/hello, love/wedding, sympathy/apology, parents (mother's day, etc), invitation/party, graduation/school, celebration/congratulations, thank you, welcome/home

RED (HOLIDAYS, SEASONS): winter/snowflakes, autumn/thanksgiving, halloween, valentine's, christmas words, christmas images, easter


And, that's it! Have fun organizing!!!


mccune352 said...

I would love to have acopy of your file for the labels for the dvd cases. I am thinking I would like to switch also. Do they stamp ok with just the rubber?

mccune352 said...

opps forgot email address

Carol Ric said...

I would love to have a copy of your file please. I have just finished unmounting my sets and I really think your organizing system will work for me.


SharingwhatIlove said...

Hi There!! I think your idea of organizing your wood mount stamps is great and I'd love to do the same... I just ordered a bunch of the boxes and was wondering if you could email me a copy of your word doc? I'd really appreciate it.. By the way.. do you show anywhere how to mount the peeld rubber stamps to the new Tacky stuff or the sheets? Any help is appreciated. Sandra.
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

could I have a copy of your dvd insert? Love your organization ideas!

Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Please oh wise and organized one might I have a copy of your word document? Your system looks brilliant!

With Thanks from a sister demo - Jean Fitch
jlfstudio at

Wanda said...

Hey girl, I received your label - but how do you change the color on it? I have the yellow, but can't figure how to change it to another color? Please help me. Email me at wamcglamery at gmail dot com. Thanks,

Wanda said...

Hi there. Been working on organization and making my wooden stamps into clear too. Can you tell me what you labeled your cases since you put many different stamp sets inside these DVDs? I looked at your picture on your blog, and it's hard to tell what you labeled them all - could you take a more closeup picture of them in that drawer please? Love this idea. thanks for sharing.

Paper Potter said...

I didn't find this until just now, but can I just reach through the computer screen and hug your neck? LOL You are so RIGHT ON with the organizing and I'm about to do away with 2/3 of my stamps to organize better, whittle down to what I really love and will use. Now, if I can only figure out what to do with the "done-away-with" stamps/sets? May I have a copy of your file, please?

KarenY said...

Hi - I would love to have a copy of your word file label for the StampinUP DVD cases. I think your organizational ideas are GREAT! thank you!

Bootybella Designs Inc. said...

You have a wonderful blog and loved your organization of stamps unmounted. If you would be so inclined to share your file, I would be forever indebted to you.
My email is
Thanks so much!

SQStamper said...

Since you decided to use the category method, and you demo for SU, how do you know which are current sets you can demo with. And which are not, retired, etc.?

dyeandpigment said...

Great organization tips and I would also love to take advantage of your generous offer of the template for the DVD case. Thanks so much.

Unknown said...

I donated my old stamps and stamp pads to a local school! Great for art classes!

Unknown said...

I love your craft room and organization tips. I also would love a copy of your word document if it is not to much trouble. Thank you in advance.

Unknown said...

I'd love the file too.thanks so much. alos,a question about the caregories. Did you split the sets that cover many holidays? What about a set with flowers and sayings? Currently I have a scrapbook with all my staps either stamped with in or photocopied and stuck dow, that way I leave the saps in their original cases. Each image has a number that matches the number on the stamp case. I'm not completely happy with the system I have, so I'd like to hear more about your method. THANK YOU for the inspiration. I love your room

Unknown said...

Sorry for my typos. I'm a terrible typist!

Unknown said...

Sorry for my typos. I'm a terrible typist!

Sherry Betz Ross said...

I'd like to take you up on your offer of your DVD template. Thanks for sharing.

moondancer said...

Love your space! I've had that thought of splitting up stamp sets to categories...scary idea, but you have inspired me. Would you kindly send me your DVD template? Hope you haven't been too inundated! Thank you for sharing so we don't have to re-invent the wheel. Caroline

Unknown said...

Apparently, Pinterest has your organizing technique recirculating. I would love very much, a copy of your DVD cover file. I keep trying to configure one in Excel but, working nights, sometimes, I'm lucky I can type my name! Hopefully, my google email pops up for you. If not, reply and I'll get it to you.
Thanks in advance, Denise
P.S. Your home if beautiful. I love YOUR Christmas decor!!!!

moondancer said...

I had requested a copy of your DVD template a couple months ago but nothing came thru. Might I bother you to try again?
I'm told that sometimes servers reject the .net address, so maybe also try Thank you!

Gayle said...

Just read your story on Stamp n Storage blog. I'm loving your stamp storage idea, splitting up your sets...yikes!! Please send me a copy of your DVD template. This will help in getting me started. My email is thank you so much. I appreciate you sharing your room. TIA, Gayle

Lauram said...

I love the way you took the stamps off the the wood blocks. Been looking for ideas. This is a good one

Would you mind sending me the label system

Need to buy cases from Stampin up

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