Monday, September 29, 2008

A Week in My Life...

I've introduced many of you to the Lovely Ali Edwards...and some of you knew of her before me. Although, few of you could claim to be a bigger fan than I (challenge anyone? *lol* hope Cate doesn't see this!!!)

Anyway, she's done a mini album in the past that's about A Week in My Life...and this week is when it starts! So, I'm joining in the fun and taking daily pictures (this is collection week - monday through sunday) of the little things that make up my life. They include my alarm clock, my foggy car windows in the morning, my office, my favorite mug...everything! I can't wait to enjoy doing this project and leave behind a legacy of the simple things that have made up my daily living.

If you'd like to join in on this project, click on Ali's link to the right of this post and send me the results! Can't wait to see what you all create :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Responding to the Complaints

Hello Friends -

Many of you have mentioned that you've recently checked my blog only to find that it hasn't been recently updated...forgive me.

This is why it took me so long to join the blogging world in the first place.

I'm not very good at keeping up on these things! As I like to say, I'm too busy out there experiencing life to sit down and write about it...hahahaha...lame excuse, I know ;)

Well, I also have had a busy busy summer - trips galore and very little PLAY time to scrapbook and/or make cards...but FINALLY I was hit with some sort of illness the other day and couldn't even get up the energy to get out of my jammies. Oh yes! The perfect day to design some more cards - woo hoo!!!!

So, I designed the following cards and prepped a bunch of "kits" for our Christmas card making day at Memory Lane Scrapbooking (with all my awesome Victoria scrappin' pals!) coming up in a couple weeks. Now, I'll be able to whip out mounds of cards to give away and add to my stash...enjoy and TFL (again, and again, and again...)

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