Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Imperfect Family!

Aren't family photos the funniest thing? I mean, we always try to get this "perfect" shot...especially for our Christmas cards. Last year, it was fairly easy to get a pretty good one: set up a tripod, the adorable little puppy will just sit there still and stare at the interesting tripod calmly while wearing a cute hat...simple, right?

Not this year! I was trying to get a good angle on my prego belly, which was difficult. We also had Jolie in the park with us...where there are dozens of other distractions like other dogs and squirrels. Here's a series of shots (unfortunately, they're BACKWARDS - watch them from bottom up!), where she just decided that she would walk out on the picture...hilarious! Thanks for capturing these candid moments, Brian and Alyssa!!!!



Scrapbook Memories said...

Those pictures are great..made me giggle! Hope all is well! The stamping up stuff showed up at my house and I have brought your friends stuff to the store, but if you are free let me know and I can stop by your place to drop it off!!

Canadian Kristin said...

That's reality! Love the looks on your faces as Jolie decides to walk away! LOL

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