Friday, October 22, 2010

I DO scrapbook, ya know!

So, you probably can't tell it from this blog...but I DO love to scrapbook! And, I DO do a lot of it! I just, for some strange reason, don't post my layouts very often :( I think it's because my scanner broke, and I don't like the look of photographed layouts nearly as much as scanned ones...oh, well, I need to show you SOMEthing!

Hope these recent ones will inspire you :) TFL!

I used a very old transparency that was in my scraps to layer this one - I thought the vintage clock was really applicable to Grandma's disease.

I added a little bling - because everything needs some bling!

This one is a bit sad: it's about our Grandma's Alzhiemer's disease...but it was important for me to write about this. I needed to record this - it's a big part of our lives!

Close up of "Their own Road" layout...such a quick 8.5X11 page. The patterned paper was super easy to pick...obviously :) I kept this one really simple.

This one was quick to get laid out, then I spent time on the details. I hand placed every little pearl (I LOVE THE STAMPIN UP PEARLS BY THE WAY - they are super easy to use!) around each circle...but I love how it turned out. The red quote is from an old calendar (that I bought just to use in scrapbooking...hahahaha!)

My Jolie girl! Isn't she silly?! These papers were from a little "pet stack" that I got at Winners for super cheap...I was going to use them in a mini book...but they worked well here too :) Love the freedom of being able to use tons of different colors.

This one is a little 6X6 - I love using different sizes of pages. It really let's me stay out of a RUT and just keep going with scrappin! I find I get so much more done when I am FREE to do what feels right. And, yes, I am holding a rifle in this picture. And, yes...I USED the rifle.

This 2-pager has FOURTY-FIVE pictures on it! Yay for square punches! I printed WAY too many pictures from our weekend this summer at the cottage and had to make some choices...this was a really fun (albeit busy) way to capture lots of memories all at once.

Using a neutral background, only a few small embellishments, and wrap-around journalling helped to hold it all together, I think.

Just a few stickers to "anchor" what was a floating photo...

This new line of My Mind's Eye paper doesn't need a lot of sprucing up - it's so fun and glittery all on its own! I love love love it.

With a big 8X12 photo, this layout was pretty quick and simple too. Thanks to ??? someone who said I look really "confident" in this photo...that was my inspiration!

Once again TFL!


lyssa said...

AMAZING. Simply, beautifully, creatively amazing! You are seriously talented my friend, I am inspired!

e.mel said...

YAY!!! So glad you're inspired!!!! Thanks for the compliments, my encouraging friend :)

Karl J said...

Beautiful creations Erika. I particulary appreciated the way you honoured Roger's Mom. I think those kinds of tributes are meaningful to God.

Haven't checked into your blog for a while but I'm glad I did. Hope you are well.

Canadian Kristin said...

Nice to see your recent art, Erika!!! Love it!

christianna rachael marie johns said...

Erika, I love your work. You've got SO much flippin' talent that it's sickeningly AMAZING. :) If that makes sense (it's a compliment). God has given you a great gift of creativity and artistry, and a great eye for it as well. Use it for Him, always!!!

Vanessa Z. said...

WOW! You are so amazing at scrapbooking! If you still lived out in BC, I would be over at your place with the hopes of catching some of your creative vibes!

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