Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy First Birthday to Jolie Violet!

This was her first gift of the's supposed to be indestructible...we'll keep you posted on that one ;)

Here is her morning breakfast...a lavender paw treat from Bark N Fitz! YUM!

Waiting patiently for the "okay!" to have her morning treat.

And, here's her lunch...Jolie shared a yummy peanut butter, banana, and carrot cake with her doggy day care friends today! Mommy got to watch her on the K9 webcam as she celebrated.
Yesterday we went to PetSmart together and bought her a squeeky toy (the green one pictured) to devour tonight. It was so funny, because she saw it on the table and sat eagerly until we gave her the new birthday toy. We only had to put up with the loud squeeky-ness of it for a few's already torn to shreds!

Celebrating with a boogie-woogie dance with Daddy:

Then an evening cuddle in the bedroom to rest...

And finishing up her busy and happy birthday with one last pretty treat!

So proud of our 1 year old puppy! We love you Jolie Violet!
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