Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Do You Know How Lucky You Are?"

Every year we attend David's emergency department Christmas party.  It's a wonderful celebration with clerks, doctors, nurses, porters, management...all the people who keep this critical area of the hospital operating.  And, of course, every year David is involved in the hilarious entertainment that goes on.  He's just a riot!  His humour and extraversion shine through at these kinds of events, and I love seeing him in his element...a "class clown" to be sure ;)

Last night while dancing and enjoying the festivities, a pretty young nurse touched my back and said in my ear, "DO YOU KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE?"

It struck me. 

Yes, I know David is amazing and I am so very thankful to be married to him.  But, it's interesting how people (not everyone, but some people) think that I am ESPECIALLY lucky...particularly I get lots of comments like, "Oh, you must love being married to a doctor!"  or, "He's a handsome doctor!?"  

Being married to a doctor isn't really how I see my life.  Yes, we're financially blessed because he works hard.  But, when I first met him and fell in love, he was a poor struggling student who still hadn't been accepted into med school.  We journeyed through those difficult academic years and have only recently begun to reap the wonderful benefits of all that hard work!  

I didn't fall in love with a handsome young doctor.  I fell in love with David because he's David.

For those of you who have found your true love, you know what I'm talking about.  You know that you don't marry someone because of their profession.  You don't fall in love with their career.  And, if you do, you'll end up likely unsatisfied.  Because when he's home with us, he's just David.

Nonetheless, I do appreciate the reminder...I am very lucky!  I am fortunate that the risk I took when saying "I do" has so far worked out.  He's faithful, loving, and devoted.  What more can a girl ask for than that?

(pics from our recent "babymoon" to San Fransisco)
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