Sunday, July 25, 2010

two more canvases...and more on the way!

I did these two canvases in the last 6 months or so - both of them as gifts. Sometimes I just get ideas in my mind and can't get them out; that's how it was with both of these! Love it when God totally inspires my artwork!!!

This one was a birthday present for my friend Alyssa. Her scrapbooking room has an eggplant purple wall, red chaise, and pink lampshades; these colors were the inspiration for the painting. I had it professionally custom framed at Micheal's and was really happy with the job they did. I created the 3D flowers by cutting paper with my big shot, then using ultra thick embossing powder and glitter on each one - super fun!

The one below was a housewarming for our dear friend in Victoria, Jenn. She ended up living in our exact suite when we left, so it was really fun to have this little present for her when she moved in!

They both use acrylic paint and Stampin Up Decor Elements. Check out more about SU GREAT decor elements vinyls here:

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH CRAPPY CHEAP VINYLS. I purchased a bunch of cheap pretty chandeliers at winners/homesense and was going to make some canvases with them for our new place. They're called "peel and stick" except they don't peel or stick!!! UGH! It was so so so so so annoying to try to work with these very poorly made vinyl stickers - I ended up throwing away all $20 worth - a complete waste of money, even though they were relatively inexpensive. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE - only buy awesome Stampin Up decor elements (or very high quality like the ones from Treasury of Memories that you can custom order here: Here's some evidence (what a mess!):


Canadian Kristin said...

These are both amazing! I saw Alyssa's hanging in her home and it is PERFECT for her space!!!! Well done!!!

lyssa said...

Yes, I do LOVE my painting!!

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