Monday, July 19, 2010

How to Make Friends in three easy steps

{Me at Lake Louise...before I realized how hard it would be to make naive!}

{Can you really say NO to this face?! hahahaha}

When I was only 4 years old, I saw little Alicia Barberg playing down the street in the culd-e-sac. I wanted to play with her, and asked my mom how I could. She gave me three simple steps to making friends:

1) Go up to the person and say hello with a smile

2) Ask the person their name and tell them yours

3) Say, "Do you want to be friends?"

That's it!

Well, now I am practically all alone here in London. I need some friends. So, I tried my three-stepper (along with a little more added sophisticated "adult" conversation) today at the scrapbooking store and at the dog park. Hopefully, someone will actually email me and become my friend.

MAN! I MISS ALL OF YOU, FRIENDS! Whom have I to shop with? Whom have I to starbucks with? Whom have I to scrapbook with? Whom have I to go to the spa with? Oh, I miss you all so much!


lyssa said...

You are a magnet for friends, before you know it you will have many friends there in London. But we will always want you back in BC!

Tammy said...

Soon you will have to turn them away!! Big hugs to you in your adventure! {let's have an imaginary Chai today at 11 ok?}

e.mel said...

I enjoyed my chai at 11 my time!!!! It was starbucks too :) - how was yours tammy! Oh, a little connection across the you!

Canadian Kristin said...

The loneliness is mutual... my life feels as empty with you being the one 'moved away'!!! The beauty thing is that God is already lining up good friends for you in London...keep your heart open, they're there waiting for you!

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