Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hey Everyone!

Here's some pictures of what we have done in the bedrooms. Trust me, they're only PARTIALLY finished...but that's the nice thing about a camera! I don't have to show you the messes - hahahaha!

In the master bedroom, we used small ikea dressers as nightstands/dressers. The room is super big, but we can't exactly afford a lot of furniture to fill it right now! The opposite wall is big and blank, so we'll see what happens with that...I will keep you updated! I also have my own bathroom - yippee!!! David painted cheap shelves the same color as the walls (Benjamin Moore CC500 - love love love this neutral!) and hung them up in the bathroom for all my jewelry etc. I love it!

My scrappin/guest room is all colorful and fresh - I thought I would need lots of brightness to get me through the dreaded winters here. My mom and I made the pillows - I just covered old pillows that I had around the house with funky new modern fabrics.

The big art on the wall is actually Compendium designer wrapping paper (http://www.compendium.com.au/) in big plain poster frames. It didn't fit exactly so I camouflaged the bottom strip with ribbon - I think it worked out okay. I love love love this paper - it has inspirational pictures and quotes all over it!

I made these pom poms to hang from the ceiling - Karen had all white ones of these in her wedding tent and they looked so pretty! They're really easy to make:

1) layer 8 sheets of tissue
2) accordion fold the layers
3) tie in the middle with wire and thread a thread through it (to hang)
4) cut a scallop along the ends of the tissue - you can also cut other designs!
5) open up the tissue and hang!

More to come! Gotta go "tidy!"


Lorrie said...

I love what you're doing with your place. Now, where exactly are you?

Those pompoms are a fun idea for your studio space.

e.mel said...

Hey Lorrie -

We moved to London Ontario - can you believe it?! How are your renovations/decorating projects coming?


Canadian Kristin said...

Look at you busy girl! The pompoms look FAB!!!!

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