Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our puppy is so silly!

Seriously, puppies are flippin' adorable. And, Jolie just seems to keep getting cuter...even as she ages. I suppose I can't really call her a "puppy" anymore - at 18 months of age - but she totally does the silliest things!

Laying between the sliding glass door and the blinds:

Twisting herself in the curtains:

Falling asleep under the coffee table:

Sprawling out on the couch like she owns the place:

Peeking through the sheer curtains with her nose sticking out (she'll lay like this for hours!)

Using pillows like a human does:

Taking advantage of the comfortable support of my belly/breastfeeding pillow:

Acting like it's all just no big deal!

Love my sweet Jolie Violet!


Cate said...

Jolie is a cutie! Chloe does the same thing with pillows. As soon as I get up, she's using it.

lyssa said...

Silly puppy! But she does have one thing right, she does own the place!

Karin said...

This makes me miss my puppy! They do the cutest and silliest things! Jolie Violet is super cute!

Canadian Kristin said...

She really does just keep getting cuter!

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