Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nothing else to do...besides blog!

It's snowing and snowing and snowing...it's actually even a lot of snow for London! Yesterday was a day that they closed the schools...which is apparently very unusual. They say it's not going to stop snowing until Thursday! We've already easily got four feet...and more is on the way!

Jolie turns into a little CHILD when it snows! She watches out the window, then rings her bell obsessively begging to go outside. Then, she goes outside, gets really cold, and five minutes later begs to come inside. UGH! It's super cute, though :) Oh, and btw, this is only a little dusting of snow that she recieves from our PORCH! I have to sweep the snow off of it numerous times a day.

She's gotten used to the routine of being wiped off before coming inside...and, it's so exciting: she can "SHAKE!" on command now! So, that makes it more convenient :)

Most of the cars in the parking lot are buried. David is out of town :( and you can see in this picture our Sante Fe (below) is still visible (because I used it yesterday). However, that huge pile of snow to the left of our Silver SUV is his parking spot! How will he get in when he comes home?! I was going to shovel it for him, but our snow shovel is in storage...and HE HAS THE KEY to the storage area! oops!

I'm stayin' in today! Cozying up with tea and cookies :)


Vanessa Z. said...

Wow... that is A LOT of snow!!! Good idea to keep inside and stay warm :o)

Canadian Kristin said...

Hey beautiful... leave the shovelling to the nonpregnant folk and keep that baby happy and healthy and cozy in your non-snow-shovelling womb!!! ...go scrapbook instead! :-)

e.mel said...

You're the second person who has told me NOT to shovel snow...and yet, it calls to me: "come! Get some exercise! this will feel good!"
When in reality, I have to remind myself...it will HURT LIKE CRAZY!

lyssa said...

Oh my goodness, that is crazy snow!! I am really a west coast person, I have no desire for that scene to be out my window!!

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