Monday, December 13, 2010

KJ & KJ wedding album

Here are the promised photos of the 9X9 wedding album (that I am keeping for my collection) of Karen & Kenny. Seriously such a beautiful event! The photographer was flown in from Ontario to BC to take these marvelous pictures. I love having these albums of other photographer's work on hand for inspiration. They're so fun to look at!

Many of you know that I can whip through a wedding album very quickly. Often times, at retreats, I would complete a wedding album the first night of the weekend. It's so rewarding to have a whole album finished so quickly! There are reasons, though, that my wedding albums go SO FAST. And, here are some of my rec's:

1) KEEP IT SIMPLE AND CLASSIC. I use a black, cream, or chocolate background, depending on the theme of the wedding.

2) CHOOSE ONE ACCENT COLOR. Or, at the most, two. In this album, I chose red, because her flowers were red. Every once in a blue moon, I would do a page with maybe different colored photo corners or matting, just because it made the picture look that much better.

3) NO PATTERNED PAPER. As much as I adore patterned paper, it's very difficult to choose patterns that are truly timeless. I want a wedding album to look beautiful for the next 50 years, not to look fun and funky and trendy. That's just not what I am going for.

4) KEEP EMBELLISHMENTS TO A MINIMUM. I love using Making Memories Definition stickers in wedding albums. I also like to use a dab of metal embellishments here and there (although I didn't in this one). Photo corners are handy. Maybe a little bit of ribbon is okay too. But, other then that, keep it simple!

5) USE STAMPS. Stamps are an incredible way to repeat something a hundred times. In this album, I used a damask stamp because that was one of the themes of the wedding. I embossed black on the black cardstock for a subtle look that adds texture. In another album, I did snowflakes embossed in robin's egg blue sparkles, also on black cardstock.

Thanks for looking!


dhs said...

Are you doing any craft shows in the Portland, OR area anytime soon?

Lorrie said...

Thanks for sharing your process. I have a wedding album to do for our daughter - this way it might actually get done!

e.mel said...


No, unfortunately I don't live in Portland Oregon anymore! I miss Portland SO MUCH and often come to visit, but won't be any time soon :(

BTW...who are you!? lol!

e.mel said...

Lorrie -

YAY! Glad this inspired you! Have a great time doing your daughter's wedding album - awwww :) I can't wait to see the finished product :)

hugs to you!

Vanessa Z. said...

Fantastic! Wish I could see the whole thing!

Canadian Kristin said...

Cannot wait to see the entire album, this teaser look fabulous!

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