Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OH Christmas Tree!

The Story of Putting up the Christmas Tree
by Jolie Violet, 2010

This year our tree did not smell like usual. It smelled like plastic instead of wood. This was very confusing for me, but I decided that I would eat it anyway.

I like to help Daddy put up the ornaments, but not the lights. He gets sort of frustrated when he does the lights, and so I just sniff things.

Mom and Dad always get to have treats while they decorate. Fortunately this year, although they didn't share the Cini Melts from McD's with me, they did let me chew on the empty Coke bottles after their "Cheers!"

Sometimes I like to sit on the couch, listen to Christmas carols, and watch the pretty tree. The other day I did try to eat a glass ornament, and it didn't really suit my taste, so I left it shattered on the carpet for Mommy to clean up.

I am very proud of our Christmas tree this year. I hope you like it. And I hope that I will get a bone or two in my stocking this year. I think I have been pretty good! Well...and if I haven't been good, I am at least CUTE, right?!

Merry *ruff!* Christmas to everyone!
(the end)


lyssa said...

Too cute!

christianna rachael marie johns said...

Okay, that was way too adorable for words. :)

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