Friday, February 18, 2011

Request GRANTED!

I was so flattered the other day when a friend of mine called and asked if I could post some handmade CARDS on my blog for inspiration. How nice is that?!

And, she was's been a LONG while since I had posted any cards! There are some other postings on here. I've finally figured out how to add labels to my posts (thanks Alyssa!!!) so if you look under "scrapbooking" then there are cards listed there too...hopefully these will get your creative juices flowing!

If I need inspiration:
- I call a friend and ask for ideas ;)
- I rarely go online for card inspiration. I find it helpful for layouts, but not as much for cards. I end up spending WAY too much time trying to search search search...and not enough time creating
- I have invested in purchasing a few expensive magazine/idea books with great card layouts. I find these books really get me going!
- "Cards" by Northridge Publishing (same makers as Scrapbook Trends)
- My Stampin Up catalogue (always a good one!)
- "Paper Crafts" magazine (I don't waste my money on the usual publications; I only splurge and get the special editions - such as the newest "Color Inspiration" idea book that they've published. I find that I would rather have just a FEW great mags instead of a bunch of ones filled with advertising that I am just going to recycle later anyway...ya know?!)

These three sizes of cards are my favourite:

1) traditional (which is 5.5"X4.25")
2) skinny (which is 3"X6" - use a quarter of a 12"x12" piece of cardstock)
3) mini (which is 3.5"x5" - LOVE this cute size!)

My favorite tools in cardmaking include:
- stamps and ink (hello Stampin UP!)
- PUNCHES - I love love love these and use them allllll the time!
- ribbon
- the rule of thirds (esp when I am adding patterned paper to a card)

You'll notice that I keep my cards pretty simple. I like to add dimension too, whether through buttons or ribbon. Making sure things are nicely edged is something that "anchors" my cards.

Don't be afraid to "scraplift" yourself! If I find a card or page layout that I really love, I will repeat it various times through different themes or albums.



Lorrie said...

These are great, Erika. I would like to sit down one day and make a bunch of cards. It's more fun to do it with someone - want to come for tea? :)

e.mel said...

oh, Lorrie! You have no idea! I WOULD LOVE TO MAKE CARDS WITH YOU!!!!!

Canadian Kristin said...

Well done!!!

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