Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brushes are my New BEST FRIEND

Ever since I met so many wonderful hybrid-scrapbookers (part digital scrapbooking and part traditional) in Greece, I have been hoping that I would be able to figure out how to use "brushes." Brushes are like the digital version of a rubber stamps...and I LOVE RUBBER STAMPS in real life.

What's cool about Brushes are that apparently they're easy to use. I have been sitting on a CD of PhotoShop Elements for a couple years...never even downloaded (way too intimidating!) But, finally I have gotten up the courage. It's taken me a few days, because I am just technically dumb...I think the motivation has come with this whole NESTING thing. I am worried if I don't figure out how to do this now, then with a crying baby in arms I DEFINITELY won't figure it out. Also, I want to be able to use some different date brushes (like these: when I print up pictures for Evalie's 365 album.

But, I AM SOOOOO EXCITED AND SOOOOO HAPPY WITH THESE RESULTS! This is from that photo shoot that David did with flippin awesome are these Ali Edwards brushes?! You can check them out here: They're only like $4 per package - and there are endless uses (you can even just print them onto paper anytime you want forever!).

On Ali's blog (, she also gives tutorials for how to do all this fun stuff. Oh, and any other suggestions from all my digi/hybrid scrappin friends on where to find good tutorials?!



lyssa said...

Wow, love the brushes! I've finally started to really play with StampinUp's MDS and I am started to really love it!

e.mel said...

Lyssa - show me what you've done! I would love to see :)

Canadian Kristin said...

Wow, you figured those out so quickly!!! You are more technologically advanced than you think, lady!!! Love how the brushes really draw my eye IN to the photo without cluttering out the subject (that gorgeous pregnant you!). Well done!!!

Sara C. said...

My goodness, lady. You are looking FABULOUS! I love your creativity.

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