Tuesday, April 27, 2010

so very special

As you've probably noticed, I am on a "no-buying" spree...which is REALLY REALLY hard for me. This last weekend I was downtown shopping and came across these earrings at a super posh store on government street called Viollette. They sell all sorts of local and French jewelry - they even carry sugarlime.com stuff, which is some of my favorite!

I fell in love with the earrings. Molded with an antique french molding, imported directly from France.

I know it's lame to use "love" and material things in the same sentence...but it's true. I love them. And, I went crazy. Then my friend Jenn said, "No. Do not buy them." Since Jenn is not my authority, I decided to ask God...and in my heart, He also said, "No." I sadly listened and heeded obediently.

Then, I excitedly told the admin girls at work about this highlight of my weekend! One of them is getting married in only TWO WEEKS and I am helping her with some last minute wedding stationary stuff.

She remembered the EXACT earrings I described and where to get them.

Then, sweet Rhianna went and bought them for me! AND GAVE THEM TO ME!!!!

I immediately cried! I hugged her three times! Inside, my heart was saying, "Thank you Jesus for this wonderful gift! Thank you for using Rhianna to bless me so richly!" I am truly thankful...and these earrings are MORE than just an OBJECT to me...they are a reminder that God works through those around us all the time.

It is better to receive something as a gift then to buy it for yourself! (Although, I think the actual quote is: "It is better to give then to receive.") LOL!



Kristin Erickson said...

I know that God doesn't always honour our obedience... but how super-fun that He did for you with those beautiful earrings!!!! How sweet that your co-worker would love on you in this way! LLLUUUUV those earrings!

Kristin Erickson said...

Each time I look on these I just love them more and more! So beautiful and such an amazing, lovely, gesture from your co-worker!

Sharyn said...

Ok, that is soooo my kind of gift LOL! French, scrolly and silver!! You are blessed, both with the right heart attitude and with a wonderful friend! Enjoy them.

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