Saturday, April 10, 2010

Downing Family Book

The Downing Family - what a precious and important part of my life they are! Misty, the mom, was our babysitting since my little sis was in diapers! I still remember when her highschool sweetheart would come to our house to "watch movies" with Misty after we would go to bed. Eventually she and this sweety Steve got married...then they had two little girls with the same initials as my sister and I: "E&K" Elizabeth and Katelyn.

Krystal and I then became Kate&Liz's babysitters :) We love these girls and truly feel like their AUNTIES even though we're not biologically related...we feel like family.

I did this photo shoot about three years ago...since then a lot has changed! They've added little Juliann to their family...and I got a DIGITAL instead of a FILM camera :)

These shots were all done in my little second bedroom that I converted into a photo studio. I was using a film camera, so I had not idea how the pictures would turn out! But, I am SUPER proud of them - no alterations, nothing. Just shear love captured in this mini book.

Used the Martha Stewart lace edge punch...I borrowed it from Kristin (THANKS!) and totally fell in love - must get this some day! Used random various AC letter stickers and just a few words here and there - didn't need any journalling; I wanted the photos to just speak for themselves.

Loved adding a little fun by using my Hambly bird cage transparencies...just a special touch.

This is the first 6"X10" book I have done...and I totally love love love this size! It's so fun and perfect for 4"x6" photos!

I LOVE this patterned paper - I THINK it's October Afternoon (or maybe Cosmo Cricket?!). I had JUST bought it before this project and then is was PERFECT. The red woodgrain on one side and the awesome retro but totally MOD print on the other side set exactly the mood I wanted...
I used vellum to separate some pages just for a little added formal flair.

Used a D for Downing and a key charm to dress up the front. Bound with my zutter.


susan said...

Very cute book! I think I have that Martha Stewart punch (or something very similar) and never use it. Come to Edmonton for a visit & it's yours!! :-)

Cate said...

What a sweet book! Are you giving it to them or keeping it for yourself?

e.mel said...

Get OUT Susan!? Seriously! That rocks :)

Maybe we'll have to stop by on our way to London ;)

e.mel said...

Selfishly this book is staying in MY stash for now :)

peata said...

really sweet mini.
love those papers.

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