Monday, April 5, 2010

Office Organization

I love to organize. And use my label maker. A lot.

I know, I am weird. But, it's true.

Most of my home is in pretty good shape, I think anyway. It works. I am able to follow my three simple steps to organizing anything:
1) find a suitable "home" for the object
2) put it there
3) follow the "one-in-one-out" rule to avoid excess clutter

HOWEVER, I have been unable to follow my own steps with success when it comes to the...

dum dum dum


David rarely throws a fit about anything (well, accept having to go shopping...), but the other day he finally let me know his opinion on HIS home office space. He complained about how unfair it is that the only space that's supposed to be HIS in the whole house is always cluttered and piled with crap. And, he was right.

So, I took on the DREADED home office project. I got it completely FIXED in my mind that we MUST have this ONE kind of drawer-organizing container. I found only ONE of these containers at Winners/Homesense, but needed about 8 of them...

My lovely mother in law drove me all around the lower mainland to MANY Winners/Homesense stores to try to hunt down these coveted containers...we went to: Park Royal, Metro Town, Lougheed, Coquitlam, Surrey Centre, White Rock, and Langley...all in all I visited 9 YES NINE stores to find these containers!

Then, David spray painted the brown ones black, which really didn't turn out that great. But, whatever. They work, and I am NOT going to obsess about the SLIGHT color difference.

So, as soon as we got home today, I labeled and labeled and labeled. I found homes for ALL the clutter on, I mean, HIS...desk. I made it functional AND pretty. And, I am hoping that it will work for us! YAY! It's done!

PS - yes, I even went so far as to label every different kind of cord and put them in individual baggies...I was so tired of them getting all wrapped together! DONE.

PSS - these are all the random mismatched containers that our stuff was in BEFORE. Funny how organization boxes can actually BECOME the clutter, eh?!

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