Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Old Layouts

Today was my art day. I am lucky enough to be married to the most wonderful man in the world; he gives me these days where all I have to do is breastfeed and the rest of the time I get to PLAY in my art room. It's heavenly when it's an art day.

But, today I had to spend my art day mostly doing prep for an upcoming scrapbooking retreat I am going to. The reality of my wonderful hobby of scrapbooking is that it requires a TON of time in taking photos, editing photos, printing photos, organizing photos...then I need to prep all those photos with patterned papers so that I won't have to lug all of my paper to the retreat. Is all this work worth it?? OH YEAH! No hesitation there.

Nonetheless, I just realized that I don't think I've shared many of my layouts with you lately...so here are a few that I've done of the last number of months...enjoy! OH, and sorry for the really crappy pictures...hopefully you get the idea ;)

Also, a little note about this...You know, the process of photographing your own layouts is really insightful. After a while, all my layouts start to look the same to me...I start thinking, oh, no one will like these, they're so boring! That's because they all have similar elements to them...when describing my "style," I've come to learn that I can say the following:
- I'm linear usually. I like my pictures straight.
- I definitely follow the rule of a visual triangle.
- I choose my papers and embellishments based on colour in my pictures.
- I try to evoke an emotion with every layout esp through titles and journalling.
- I like handwritten journalling and letter sticker titles usually.
- Paper strips and horizontal lines anchor my pages.
- If I use a patterned background, I settle it with solid matting. If I use a solid background, I jazz it up with patterned accents.
- Circles are one of my best friends.
- I like photo blocking and often have my photos touching each other.

What's your list?? What have you discovered about your layouts or cards or art? What defines YOUR DESIGN STYLE?

This layout and the one below are very similar - a block of pictures with a border on stop of a patterned background. I used stickles along the border on each of these - so fun!

I cut a metal frame by making memories in half to create two large photo corners.

I put a border with a heart around this photo just with a black pen and my own hand!

Used fun star stamps on this layout :) Need to use more stamps!

Creating little borders with lines of decorative brads is one of my go-to techniques.

I love acrylic flowers and fun pretty already made butterflies.

Again, circles are my friend...

Thanks for looking!


lyssa said...

Beautiful and inspiring, could you be anything less? nope. Just amazing. Thanks for sharing your art!

October Beauty said...

My fav ?
"Always On Me"
What a blessing.

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