Friday, February 17, 2012

A House Isn't A Home...

Decorating is SUPER FUN. Having a beautiful, nice, clean, great house is also super fun. But, it all MEANS NOTHING is there isn't LOVE filling the space.

All the house-eye-candy in the world is worthless without a peaceful loving family inside.

The other day I was cleaning while Evalie was playing on the floor. Lately, I only get to have her awake for literally about 8-10 hours of the day; the rest of the time she's asleep (I think holding our hands and walking around is really making her tired!) It would be easy for me to just let her happily play by herself while I clean and tidy and do other "important" tasks...but something hit me: I will NEVER get to enjoy her this little again.

She's only getting bigger, bigger, bigger.

She'll only want to cuddle for a little while longer. She'll only demand my hands to hold her while she walks for a little while longer. She'll only beg for breastfeeding for a little while longer. She'll only be a BABY for a little while longer. They grow up so fast.

I put down my cleaning, I put away the tasks and I sat down and got on the floor and played with my baby. I looked at her, I smelled her, I kissed her (and she kissed back). We nuzzled, we laughed, we cuddled, and we BOTH GREW, we BOTH learned, we BOTH were blessed.

What a gift. Dishes, laundry, floors: you'll still be there tomorrow!

(Professional Photos by Lara of Red Wagon Photography, Abbotsford BC)

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Lorrie said...

Love this! You made the BEST choice ever!

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