Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1-2-3-4 I declare...

My baby is FOUR months today! Here are some of the many things she can do this month that she wasn't able to to last:

- laugh and giggle (this is my favourite!)
- pick up a toy and put it in her mouth
- roll from her tummy to her back
- smile at people from across the room
- clearly understand and respond to her name
- pet Jolie (this is adorable btw!)
- tolerate the car seat without screaming her head off (see last post - YAY this is over!!!!)

See how she's grown...a picture of her on the 26th of each month since April (going backwards):

I have to say, I think she gets cuter and cuter with time :)


Lorrie said...

She does indeed get cuter and cuter.

And I think the same of our 7 month old granddaughter. I could just hug her to bits.

Isn't it fun to watch her grow and develop? She's so sweet in that printed chair.

Joanne said...

great idea taking a photo in the same spot each month, sure wish I had thought of that, and same with the stuffie sitting beside her. I was just relooking at my pictures of her, she is really an beauty, <3

Vanessa Z. said...

She is so sweet Erika!! Can't wait to see all the "26th" pictures as she gets bigger and learns new things!

Cate said...

She really seems to have done most of her growing in the last month! And I agree that she's getting cuter and cuter each month (pretty soon it's going to be almost impossible to get cuter!). :)

Canadian Kristin said...

I love how Evalie is developing a personality...just look at her sitting there look at you... wheels turning... when she finds words that girl is gonna keep us laughing with her take on things! I just love her, Erika! Such an amazing blessing!

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