Monday, March 7, 2011

I've been scrapbooking again!

Part of my nesting instinct that's ruling my life right now is the need to catch up on my scrapbooking projects. I want to have room - to be ready - to enjoy scrapbooking just Evalie and the millions of stories I will want to tell when she arrives. For the most part, I am getting very close to "caught up." I have had to let go of certain goals - like scrapbooking Greece for example :( That's hard for me...but I also have to be realistic, ya know?

Very happy about the projects on my list that I did complete {listing for my own enjoyment...makes me feel good to write it down...}:
- Karen and Kenny's Wedding Album
- Moving to Ontario mini
- Starbucks mini
- San Fran Babymoon complete 12X12 album
- Prepping of Evalie's 365 album
- Nesting mini (to put photos in later - just got crazy inspired and had to make it!)
- Pregnancy Journey mini (in progress; as caught up as possible)
- All of 2010 and 2011 ALMOST caught up (including Christmas - woo hoo!)

Thought I would share some of the artwork that's flowed from my crazy drive to produce! TFL!!! Hope it inspires you :)

These (below - next four layouts) are some page protectors that my friend Kristin picked up for me thinking I would like them...she was right! They were perfect for these beach photos that I had so many of...I just cropped them all to 4" squares, and then used patterned paper and embellishments in some of the other pockets. Super easy and fast - and love the way that it still looks like a layout instead of "just" pictures in pockets.

I've been really into two-page layouts lately, I've noticed...more than usual anyway.

Yay for an oversized printer so I can journal directly onto the 12X12 pages! I have the Epson Stylus Photo ROCKS. And, it comes with Photoshop Elements too!

Am so in love with mixing the different page sizes in with my albums. Above is my first ever two-page 8.5X11 vertical layout - love that size! Handy if you need something bigger than 12X12 but don't want to do a full 12X24...ya know?

Don't know WHY, but I am totally in love with the layout below. I just really like how it's so different than my other pages - the layout is totally different, but fun.

Finally found the BEST WHITE PEN I HAVE EVER USED!!!! Yes...this one REALLY REALLY works. I know they always say that...but take it from me (and see below). I have tried the Sharpie (dries out too fast), UniBall (doesn't write on pictures), and Gelly Roll (very uneven and not dependable). But...*drum roll please*...the Sakura Color Products Pen-Touch works WONDERFULLY!!!! I think I got it at a little stationary place that sells Japanese stuff...It's AWESOME.

Always wanted to use these little word stickers this way! Finally did it...

Thanks again for looking!!!!


Lorrie said...

You've been so busy and have accomplished a LOT. I read a little of your ferry thoughts - I, too, learned to love ferry rides. It's like a little breathing space on a trip.

lyssa said...

Love love love!

Joanne said...

Thank you for posting all of these. I don't feel so far away from you when I can follow your life via your scrap pages. As usual I have been inspired by you and plan on also trying that little word journaling technique. I also love how you capture life in your photography, because in all the times we have moved I have never even taken one photo, good thinking :)

Vanessa Z. said...


Cate said...

Awesome Erika! You've inspired me to get my stuff out (maybe not until the girls weekend...but I might accomplish something that weekend). :)

Have you still not gotten your Greece photos from that girl? I wouldn't give up on Greece...just make it more words. :) Those are important too.

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