Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Independance Day Project

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! Finally! A day to PLAY and do something fun! Of course, home decorating is high on my list. Our new suite needs lots of organizing, something I'm almost always in the mood for.

This is an easy make-it-yourself home project that I came up with. You know all those beautiful decorative balls on the market? You know how expensive they are?! Too much $ for us! So, we went to wal-mart, found these styrofoam balls on clearance for about $3 for the whole bunch :) Then, we paper-mached them (yup, we got our fingers dirty!) Then, I painted them to match the room and bring together all the colors in my scheme. Lastly, I stamped them with swirlys and scriptys and dottys...CUTE!

Originally, our balls were gold, red, and green to bring together the colors of our living room. But, in our new place, I wanted to do a more neutral scheme with black and white. Yesterday, it only took me a few minutes (okay, so about an hour!) to repaint our balls to coordinate with our new b&w theme :) YAY! Love versatile, easy-to-match-my-love-for-change projects!

Oh, and one more easy-to-make-cheap hint: my new black and white damask pillows? They're actually made of pretty place mats! I bought the place mats (at the Bay) for only $7 each. Then, I tore the seam of one side, stuffed it with my old pillow, and machine sewed it shut! VOILA! (You can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw another pillow at a little boutique in downtown Victoria that looked almost IDENTICAL to mine for $145!!! I know!!!)

Balls before:

Balls after:


Joss said...

The "new re-done" balls look awesome! I remember us finding them at Wal-Mart. What a steal!!

lyssa said...

As usual, fantastical in every way! You are clearly in your creative groove ;)

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