Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thank You Party Guests!

Watching our baby turn one was surreal, as I think it is for most parents. The usual thoughts went through our minds: "Where did the time go? They grow up so fast!" I knew that celebrating this monumental time with all our family and friends would make the reality of having a one year old much easier to handle :)

But, what was truly amazing was how many people were able to come and make this party such a special occasion. My mom, sister, and brother in law drove up from Oregon late the night before the party. My dear cousin from ontario, Katy, flew all the way! Even my sister in law and niece from Ft MacMurray were there for the event. Almost no one was missing!!! It was incredible :)

Granny Bev with the Birthday Girl and me:

Evalie's babysitters Claire and Shannon:

Auntie Lindsay and Cousin Isabella from Mt Mac:

Proud Auntie Krystal and Dear Katy:

Uncle Eric and Auntie Krystal, God Parents, along with "cousin" Gabe:

Dear Friends Aarabella, Dalores, and Alyssa:

Dear Friend Josh with the Birthday Daddy:

Dear Friend Laura and me:

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for making Evalie's birthday a wonderful, momentous, fabulous party! It's the people who made the day :)

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