Thursday, January 12, 2012

Master Bedroom - before and after

Finally! Some pictures of our house! Thank you mom and Misty for coming for a visit, so we finally got our place looking decent ;) lol

Our Master Bedroom is one of the most complete and finished rooms in the whole house. Really, all I want to add is some art above the bed and a nice new laundry hamper...then it's all done!

I knew that grey was the perfect neutral for our walls, but wanted one warm that would still look good with lavender/pewter accents. We've always loved purple and silver (see: Wedding Day!) so it was fun to try this combo again in a much more modern updated look. I was totally inspired by pinterest, of course! Check out my page if you're interested :)

So, now for the magic:







So...What all did we do??

- Textured paintable wallpaper from Home Depot (Canadian Tire also sells a beautiful damask print by Debbie Travis; ours is Martha Stewart)
- Crown moulding! Thanks Tim and Jo!
- Paint colour is "Stone" by Benjamin Moore

Curious about where we got what??

- Ottoman: Home Outfitters
- Bedspread: (100% cotton!) Kohl's
- Nightstands: Ikea (David was very opposed to these)
- Curtains: Target (black), Urban Barn (sheer stripes)
- Wardrobe: Ikea (David was not as opposed to this)
- Mirrors: Ikea
- Lamps: Homegoods (like Homesense but in the US)
- Chandelier: Home Depot
- Headboard: Homemade!!! (wouldn't recommend this, however...the project took days and about $200...why not just buy one and save the work?? next time...)

That's it for now! Thanks for looking!!!! Sorry it took me so long...more rooms to come :)


Katrina said...

Oh IKEA how David hates you!

Vanessa Z. said...

AMAZING! I LOVE what you did -- so elegant and romantic!

Lorrie said...

I love the mirrors behind the end tables and lamps. Gorgeous room.

Joanne said...

Me too Lorrie, I think it adds such a dramatic impact on the room, love all the changes Erika.

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