Thursday, April 28, 2011

To Scrap or Sleep, That is The Question

To scrap or sleep??? That is the question of my life these days! Both scrapbooking and sleeping are equally important to my sanity. It's a difficult choice. You'll notice that "showering" is not a part of this all-important question, because that is easily discarded. I don't mind stinking a little while I am scrapbooking, and I don't mind if my hair or make up isn't done (unless of course I am leaving the house...then it's a little different!) I also don't mind if the laundry piles up, the dishes lay in the sink, or the garbage cans fill (although thanks to a loving and amazing husband this actually hasn't happened yet...)

But, to capture memories, express my inner artist, and continue to leave a legacy of stories about our daily life DRIVES ME. It keeps me happy, human, and sane. It is food for my soul. Thanks for looking!!!

Been really REALLY into buttons lately...I think it's the whole baby thing (you know: cute as a button?!)

I started with only three circles on this one...then just kept on goin'! Some very old paper from a company called when those old things in my stash come in handy!

I was peeling off the blue protective plasticy stuff off these clear butterflies, when I realized that I really liked one layer of the blue stuff on them, because the color went with my scheme. So, i left one layer on!

My title is a series of various stamps. And, the bottom butterflies are the leftover scrap of part of a Hambly transparency.

Been really into using whole pieces of patterned papers as backgrounds lately...unlike me!

I decided to stamp my title (yay for Stampin Up stamps!) but it wasn't bold enough, so I colored it in. I layered Certainly Celery with Barely Banana marker inks to get just the right shade of green. Then, I created shadows with Old Olive.

I was too lazy to put beautiful threads through all the buttons, so I just stuck little knots of ribbon over a few of them. A decent middle ground, I figured.

These pictures (above) are from when Evalie was only 2 days old...she looks so different already! It's really fun to have so many pictures of her and watch her change quickly.

My mom's visit is already dearly missed. Scrapbooking about the wonderful times we shared makes me feel like she's still a way. The flowers I used on the above layout were chosen together by us while she was here and we had a fun shopping trip at Michael's. I also thought of a new technique that I have never seen before; I used it on this layout. The background cardstock has a white core, so you can sand it. I put a Tattered Angels stencil behind the cardstock and sanded it so that the flourish image softly appeared in the top corners - I love the way it turned out!

On this layout, I got really stuck. I asked David for help, and he suggested using "Zs" on the page - PERFECT finishing touch! And, what a great way to use up my letter stickers! Thanks for your creative genius, David :)

I don't know if you can read the journalling on this one, but it's about how "It's OK to cry." My mom always taught me this, and I was really glad she's something I hope to pass on to Evalie.

The three little hearts on the side have epoxy heart letter stickers in the middle that say, "I *heart* U" - I have seriously had these stickers for YEARS! I got them at the dollar spot at Target, and I have contemplated giving them away many times, because I hadn't used them. But, NOW was the time - and they're perfect! Do you see why we scrappers can sometimes hoard a little?!!?

{{{Now I need to go to bed.}}}


lyssa said...

Well, that is truly amazing that you have found the time to scrapbook - and beautiful layouts to boot! I think I chose dishes, showers and TV over scrapbooking....but that was part of my sanity too! Maybe one day I'll be able to scrap too... Good for you momma!

Canadian Kristin said...

I can see the full-heart, happy-heart, joy-overflowing of your new life as Momma... the colours and the patterns and the embellishments are so very you, but amplified from your usual neutrals. I love how being a Mommy has flowed through into your scrapbooking... it looks good on you, my friend (and your pages!!!). :-)

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