Thursday, November 18, 2010


Here's how we revealed and discovered the gender of our little baby...boy? girl???

{See video on Facebook!!!}

1) I did jumping jacks in the bathroom of the ultrasound clinic to get baby to flip worked! The technician was finally able to see the genetals! SHE DID NOT tell me the gender. And, David was NOT there to cheat and figure it out for himself.

2) A final report from the ultrasound technician and radiologist was sent to my GP. My doctor did NOT tell me the gender. Instead, she wrote it on a card and sealed it in an envelope for me.

3) I brought the sealed enveloped to a cupcake baker who was instructed to make either blue or pink cupcakes as per the secret note. The baker did NOT tell me the gender!

4) In preparation for our big Gender Revelation Party, I decorated the cupcakes with question marks. Oh, and I dressed up Jolie for the big event with blue and pink ribbons...she had no idea what was happening ;)

5) We hosted a party with our families on skype and local friends/family over at our place. In front of everyone, we cut into the cupcake (with the same cake cutter we used to slice our wedding cake) to discover - along with everyone else - that our baby is a .....



Katrina said...

Hi Erika,
It's Katrina from prenatal aquafit! Congratulations on the girl...I bet the reveal was super exciting I know how excited you were for it. Is David ready to be wrapped around another girls finger lol! I'd like to see the video but couldn't find you on facebook. Request me as a friend (Katrina Richter)! Hope you're trip went well.

e.mel said...

So sweet - thank you for looking! Our trip went great - ready to hit the pool next week :) Found ya on FB!!!!

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