Monday, March 8, 2010


Hello All -

Just thought I would share a few of my canvases that I have done over the last couple years...realized that they weren't posted!

I also have a new one at Michael's for custom framing...will show you that one later! The lady today said she was so inspired by seeing my canvas! I was so flattered! And, I hope that you will also be inspired...keep creating!!!!

This yellow one came to my mind one day and I knew it belonged in my mom's yellow bedroom! It has white vinyl butterflies from Stampin Up - love those!

The wedding ones are lifts from the treasury of memories ladies! I believe it was Carly who did something similar and inspired these...They are also the ones who did the custom vinyls with our wedding themes...

This one was from three years ago when my word of the year was "Creativity." I read The Artist's Way that year...and this year I have read Walking on Water - two great books on the connections between spirituality and creativity. I highly recommend both!

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