Friday, January 1, 2010

Word of the Year: ENOUGH

Check out Ali's blog (to the right) for more about the "Word of the Year" project. I've been choosing words for the last couple of years - last year was "trust," and 2008 was "creativity."

This year: ENOUGH.

I have enough.
There is enough.
I am enough.

That about sums it up! I am so excited to create something to represent my word for this year. In 2008, I painted a canvas. In 2009, I made a "trust jar" to write my little notes on the subject. This year...don't know what I will do!

What's your word for the year???


Karin said...

Well said. Definitely a word to live by.

Kristin Erickson said...

I thought my word was "listen"... then I listenned and discovered it is "less". Do less, need to be less, go less, give less, have less, use less, want less, buy less, chaos-less, regret-less, less frustrated, less snappy, less panicked. By being "less" of so many things I can truly open room in my life and heart to be "more" of what God wants me to be. And it just makes me feel at peace to think on my word. [happy exhale]

e.mel said...

love your word of the year Krisin! A good one for sure :)

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