Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh Christmas TREE

This year was such a FUN year for Christmas decorating. We got started early (just the way I like it!) and we had Brandon & Susan out to help us! Definitely wonderful to have them out to visit and then to get to decorate for Christmas together?!? SO GREAT!

We found an affordable but beautiful tree @ "Can Trash" as David refers to Canadian Tire...but hey, it was convenient. We stuck with the same theme as last year: Black & White - which looks super great with all my black and white house stuff now (Darryl & Linsday would love that!) Enjoy pics of our decorating weekend below...a little peek into our home!

(Above) David's been taking guitar lessons, which has been great. Brandon and David played some worship songs for us (Sue plays too...I'm the only one who just tries to sing...) Very inspirational and relaxing :)

One of my FAVORITE Melnychuk traditions: Cinnamon rolls during the decorating! YUM!

And, thanks to Brian & Alyssa for adding another tradition: Egg Nog + Coke...yes, that's right. David loves so much!

Thanks to Krystal, my lovely SISTER for my cute Eddie Bauer down vest - this was it's debute into the winter season! LOVE IT! Such a great pic of Sue too - I miss you already, girly!


lyssa said...

Awww, looks like tons o' fun! Glad you had a good weekend and your house looks fantabulous as usual!

Joss said...

Your decorations look lovely and it looks like you had a great time together! :)

Kristin said...

A) LOVE the fun colour on your blog!
B) LOVE your living room curtains
C) LOVE your living room arrangement
D) LOVE your big white poinsettias
E) You look FAB in your new down vest!
F - Z) AFRAID of the eggnog and


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