Thursday, April 24, 2008

I think I need to REST...

I frequently remember my dreams - and learn a lot about myself from them. Won't tell you some of the crazier ones, but this one really hit me today!

As some of you know, we're planning on going to Hawaii in May - YAY! We're so excited to celebrate our graduations as well as my birthday - can't wait. In the meanwhile, David's cramming for his boards and I am working lots of hours to store up extra time for the trip. Needless to say: we're tired.

So, here's the dream: I was on a 15 day trip in Hawaii with David and a tour group. They ran us ragged with activities, lectures, presentations, and tourist traps - we were constantly on the go. It wasn't until a couple days before we were leaving the islands that I realized: I STILL HAVEN'T LAID ON THE BEACH - not even once! I was pasty white, not tanned. I was exhausted, not relaxed. I cried and cried as I realized that I had used up my whole Hawaii trip rushing around instead of relaxing. I protested to the group and told them that I didn't care if they all hated me: I was laying on the beach until we had to go back home! I was going to lay in the sun and do NOTHING except read good books! So there!

When I awoke this morning, I realized the significance of this dream. It was like my subconscious mind said to me, "Hey, Erika! You need to STOP and REST a little bit! You're missing out on the important things in life!"

The layout below (my first non-picture page - quite the challenge for me to break out of that "rule" in scrapping that we have to use pictures) really shows what I'm feeling... It reads:

"When will I learn that life is not measured in minutes but moments?
Lesson #1: God's will never requires more time than He gives us - Seek His will instead of your own and be peaceful.
Confession: TIME has become my idol. It determines not only when I can do something, but also how much I enjoy life. It controls my feelings, my thoughts, my actions. Truly unhappy in this frantic discontented, surreal life where I'm always looking back or looking ahead...rarely present in this moment. Must slow down, stop, laugh, play, relax a little. Life is passing me by, and yet it feels it hasn't arrived. MUST learn to make God the One who determines the state of my heart, mind, and being...not the clock. Desperate for peace, longing for rest. There IS enough time..."

TFL(looking & listening!)

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Canadian Kristin said...

ALWAYS a good reminder!!!!

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