Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finally Some FUN!

You may recall that I originally intended this blog to be something FUN for all of us to share...but my last number of posts have all been quite serious. Well, I'm home sick today, and between naps I've been making cards like crazy. So, I've finally gotten some of them scanned and posted - enjoy!

Making cards is like an obsession for me lately - I have gone through 5,000 vario tabs (one of my fav adhesives) in the last 2 months. Yeah, "obsession" is putting it lightly. But, ya know what? Of all the things to do with my time I figure it's worth it. I'm producing something that will put a smile on SOMEone's face out there...making the world a little happier :)

BTW does anyone know how to post pictures on this blog in a seperate link? I would like to have a link to the right that allows people to view pictures by subjects...any idea how to figure this out? Not the most experienced (obviously) with blogging :) HELP!

Hopefully you'll be inspired by some of these designs. TFL (in scraplanguage that means "thanks for looking")!!!


Canadian Kristin said...

LOVE the cards..... no idea how to make links! ;-)

Joss said...

Wow, very cool cards!!

I don't know about links to photos. Your best bets are either to tag your posts with the card themes, but you couldn't really separate the cards that way. i.e. someone could click on an "Easter" tag at the bottom of your post and it would bring up all other posts tagged with Easter.

Another option is to also put your photos on an external photo-hosting website (e.g. photobucket) and then make links from your blog (right hand column, I'm assuming) to groups of photos. Other than that, I have no idea!!

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